POA’s Trangle

The road to success and its sustenance can aptly be viewed under a simple but an all encompassing ideology. This ideology is wrapped by three key words that are at play with the mind and the thought process.
The words referred here are;




Looking at the life of people who have succeeded, I realize that virtually all of them thrived on the platform of this words  that formed what I called “ the POA’s Triangle “. The POA’s triangle  is like equilateral triangle (a triangle with its three side equal).

First is the “P” – POSSIBILITY it begins the journey to greatness.

 It work is to open our eyes to opportunities, it gives us the mindset that if others can attain great height, we too can attain any height we wish to.

Second in line is “O” – OPTIMISM when you have seen the possibility  of becoming great, it elicits a reaction in you that makes you feel an imaginative state of greatness and with  this comes the positive words “I can” and this is an optimistic  words that gives your action a force.

Thirdly, we have  “A”— ACTUALITY. This is the last stage that has to do with the result of  our thought (insight) and action. It helps in bringing more success.

The above perfectly describes the road to greatness  and is applicable in virtually all endeavours.

One leads to another and then that to the other.

The concept of POA’s triangle is pre-requisite and fundamental  to the understanding of the step by step process through which a seemingly ordinary man rises from grass to grace.

POA’s triangle encompasses both the desire and driving force that sets in motion the physical being in a direction that correspond to our mindset for better living and its realization.

It covers the thought  aspect (possible ideas— possibility), the right attitude to maintaining  the active process (optimism ) and the result of our actions (actualization of our pursuit).

Success and continual success is not an instantaneous thing. It is not sudden. Success (real success) stems  from continuous hard work.

To make a move for success, one must have visualized the “POSSIBILITY” of success either by being inspired by already successful people or by being discomforted by his or her  present situation. With this comes the believe that sharpens our mind and instill in our subconscious the “I can” attitude.

This then triggers the feel of “OPTIMISM” that regulates and direct  our actions toward the path that invariably suit the mental picture of the success we have already created.

Hence our actions becomes geared toward  bringing to reality (ACTUALITY) the mental picture of the success we have painted in our mind and when this is attained/ achieved we are said to have succeeded. This is what I called the “POA’s triangle”

How it works ?


Possibility means fact or state of being possible. It also means something that is possible.

In possibility there is ability. Possibility is the beginning of very success story. This is because  if you don’t believe that success is attainable, you cannot channel your energy in pursuance of it. Why chase what you believe you cannot get?

The believe that success is possible helps you to create  a mental picture of the kind of success you desire.

Visualizing the possibility of success stirs in you an honest drive that synchronizes your actions to the nature and degree of success you want to pursue.

In every  of life’s endeavours, be it in business or otherwise, visualizing the possibility  of success is the first  phase that makes one to want to give it a try.

In his words, Ted Levitt said.
                     “The future belongs to the people who see
                     Possibilities before  it becomes obvious” 

This underscores the importance of visualizing  the possibility of success in pursuit of our goals.

John C. Maxwell said “vision add value to everything”.  

When you create a mental picture of your aspiration it add value to its pursuit. As I looked  POSSIBILITY as concerns the POA’s  triangle, I see it in the following pattern;

P  — Potential
O — Opportunity
S  — Self Confidence
S  —  Sensitivity/sensitive
I  —   Innovative ideas
B —  Boldness
I  —  Interest
L —  Liberation
I  —  Insight
T — Talent
Y  — Yearning


The word optimism refers to the mental attitude or world view that interprets situations and events as being best (optimized). This means that even in situations  of unfairness and discomfort, one still  holds the view that it can get better.The optimist see thing as it can be and not just as they are and by so doing the room for improvement is explored.

The more broader concept of optimism is the understanding that all of nature, past, present and future, operates by law of optimization. Now, we go  to bed at night with a subconscious believe that we would wake up the next  day (optimism), we hope for a better tomorrow, next year and even that following  (optimism).

The common idiom used  often to illustrate optimism versus pessimism is a glass with water at the half way point, where the optimist is said to see glass as half full but the pessimist see the glass half empty.

Working with the mindset of  optimism is a morale booster that help in the overcoming of obstacles and problems and these is critical to advancing  in any working environment.

Action is very important in pursuance of success  but that in itself must follow the precept of optimism so that we don’t pursue shadow in an attempt to get the substance. Optimism keeps you working(acting) even when others have surrendered  to defeat and fear.

As I looked at OPTIMISM, I see eight (8) distinctive features  that are symbolic to each letter that makes  up the word “optimism”
These are;

P  – PANNORAMIC view of success
I  – INDEFATIGABLE way of pursuing a goal.
S  – SIMPLICITY  of purpose
M –  MOST profitable way to achieving your dream


The last of the POA’s triangle is “actuality”.

Actuality is the quality or state of being actual, something that is actual;  fact or reality. In the context of my POA’s  triangle, actuality alines with the reality  of achieving  a desired result which had been envisage (visualized as possible) and pursued with an optimistic  attitude.

Actuality is the motion, change or activity that represent an exercise or fulfilment of a possibility,  when possibility becomes real in the fullest sense. Actuality comes from the Latin word actualitas meaning anything which is currently happening.

It is synonymous with “entelechy”  which in philosophy  is the condition of a  thing whose essence is fully realized (actuality). In some philosophical system, it is a vital force that directs an organism toward self fulfilment.

Visualizing the possibility of success enables one to paint a mental picture of it. This then triggers the feel of optimism that guard our actions in the right direction  so that, that which is conceived  can be achieved and  brought into reality (actuality). Actuality brings its corresponding characteristic as outlined below;


Actuality opens your eyes to more possibilities and thus encourages the recycling of the POAs concept. From these elaboration about the POA’s TRIANGLE, it is clear that one attains success through a simple ideology that comprises three(3) key words.  

Possibility –  Visualize the possibility of success
Optimism – Pursue your dreams with a positive mindset
Actuality   –  realization of your aspirations..