The concept of behind POA’s triangle

What we see most of the times serves as a raw material to our thought factory and how much we dwell on them determines the picture we paint of them which will in turn determine our action.

The concept of POA’s triangle is pre‐requisite and fundamental to the understanding of the step by step process though which a seemingly ordinary man rises from grass to grace

POA’s triangle encompasses both the desire and driving force that sets in motion the physical being in a direction that correspond to our mindset for better living and its realization. It covers the thought aspect (possible ideas), the right attitude to maintaining the active process (optimism ) and the result of our actions (actualization of our pursuit).

Success and continual success is not an instantaneous thing. It is not sudden. Success (real success) stems from continuous hard work. A man who folds his hand while others plant will beg for food when harvest comes

To make a move for success, one must have visualized the “POSSIBILITY” of success either by being inspired by already successful people or by being discomforted by his or her present situation or state. With this comes the believe that sharpens our mind and instill in our subconscious the “I can” attitude.

This then triggers the feel of “OPTIMISM” that regulates and direct our emotions and more especially action toward the path that invariably suit the mental picture of the success we have already created.

Hence our actions becomes geared toward bringing to reality (ACTUALITY) the mental picture of success we have painted and when this is attained or achieved we are said to have succeeded. This is what I called the “POA’s triangle” and is characterized by the three key words.




This concept of the “POA’S TRIANGLE” is elaborately discussed in the book. “Positive Thinkers Ability” by Osonwa Ikechukwu

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