“Hide not your talent, they for use were made, what’s a sundial in the shade?” — Benjamin Franklin

“Everyone has talent. What’s is rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads”.
— Erica Jong.

Talent refers to underlying aspects of the human being, creating a predisposition that affects the development of an individual’s skill sets. Furthermore, talent provides the foundation on which skills are built, in addition talent is exhibited in a specific field and needs to be developed before it can be actualized.

Talent is also a gift that fosters the learning process and performance. It can therefore be considered a precursor for excellence. A person’s talent are believed to be hereditary but can be developed over and above their natural state (Foucher, 2010).

Potential is capacity without action. It is virtual, it expresses what is possible, what could occur under the right condition (Rey-Debove J. and Rey A, 2009)

Potential refers to the possibility for an individual to become more than they are today( Silzer and Church 2009). In other words, potential is the possibility that an individual might develop the characteristics necessary to reach a higher level. Thus talent influences an individual’s potential which in turn dertermines whether or not his/her skills  will be realized.

From the foregoing, one can deduce that “talent” is the natural ability to do and perform while “potential” is the possibility of doing and performing an even greater job function.

Potential requires training, coaching and development and so does talent. Potential is exciting and can generate positive performance in the future. Talent demonstrates both high performance and high potential. In essence, talent have to be in place before potential.

Different people have different talent; it is more of a natural gift. It’s in each and every one of us. There is always a thing one can do better than others.

How can one discover his/her talent? Discovering ones talent is a very important step in becoming a force to reckon with in any field of play. Below are the things that can help us discover our talent.

A – attraction for what you do
B – bountiful ability
C – consistency and constancy
D – dominant desire and drive
E – ease of accomplishment
F – fulfillment after performance
G – general public acknowledgment
H — honest drive
I – imaginative idea
J – joyful observance
K – know-how instinct
L – love for performance
M – maximum satisfaction after performance
N – natural instinct
O – observable peculiarity
P – personal giftedness
Q – quality assurance and conviction
R – realistic approach
S – sensitive to opportunities
T – tenable ideology
U – understandable concept and uncommon willingness
V – visionary intuition
W – willingness and whole-heartedness in pursuit
X – experimentation (practice)
Y – yieldedness to ones course
Z – zeal to perform a task

A follow through of the above can help you discover your talent. Potentials can be looked as;

P – personal giftedness
O – observable growth of ability
T – talent, special grace from God
E – endowment of skills
N – needed power to do things well
T – tendency to perform better
I – inbuilt ability
A – Ability in developing process
L – love for improvement
S – sensible might (power) for future performance

What do you do with talent?
Discover it
Develop it
Demonstrate it
Deploy it
With the accomplishment of the above (the 4Ds of talent), it means that you have used your talent judiciously. You use your talent to enjoy life in a better way because it brings fulfillment.

How to develop your talent
D – directives and counsel from mature people
E – educational training
V – vocational training
E – enlargement making
L – learn more skills
O – obtain guidelines
P – put it into practice

Factors that can shapen our talent
Passion – interest
Power – ability
Provision – availability of fund
Profitability – how marketable is it?
Parental, pastoral, professional counsel
Prayer to God for guidance

The above also holds as factors that can bring about the choice of career.

What are the general hindrance to talent development?
Parental persuasion
Pear pressure
Popular profession
Peculiar prospect

Parent can persuade their children to take to careers that may not even be attracted to the children and in situations like this, a child might not function maximally in that field.

Peer pressure influences the youth a lot in their choice of career and this may deviate the mind from following the talent.

Popular profession and also peculiar prospectus of job determines how well people engage in it. These are in a way killers of talent.

To make the best out of your talent, you will need;
Uncommon dedication
Unconcealed dedication
Uncompromising commitment
Uncontaminated commitment
Uncomfortable dedication
Unwavering standard
Undaunted zeal
Unflinching courage
Uncommon strategy
Undying love and trust for God

There are several other people doing well with their talents, so how can you outshine them? You need;

Divine direction
Dreams and desire
Definite decision
Drive and determination
Doggedness and dauntless zeal
Dutifulness and diligence
Delightful devotion (commitment).