Take Care of Yourself in 2020 With These Mental Health Apps – By Catherine Metcalf

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When people talk about wellness, we often think about the physical aspect of health. Moving the body and keeping active is important to living a healthy life. Another factor that some don’t think of as often is their mental health. Despite more and more public conversations about mental wellness, many still don’t find time to care for themselves even in 2020.


So, what does that mean for your personal and professional life? It means feeling sluggish, worn down, and overwhelmed. Instead of ignoring the signs you need some extra TLC, fit self-care into your schedule with these amazing mental health apps.

Mental Health Apps Worth Downloading in 2020

Have you noticed a ton of mental wellness apps hitting the App Store lately? You’re not alone. Every major iPhone app development company has likely worked on a mental health app at this point. There are some amazing options out there, but it’s tough to find the best when there are thousands of options. Rather than dig deep into the app store, here are a handful you should consider that are user-tested and approved.


There’s no trick to Sanvello and its 3 million users. In fact, the beauty of this mental wellness app is its simplicity. Rather than work to flood you with ideas and tactics for battling stress and anxiety, Sanvello leaves you tools to browse at your leisure. From breathing exercises to notifications that simply check to see how you are, there are a lot of things to love about this app.

One popular feature that users really enjoy is the community board. Users can swap stories and tips with each other. The sense of belonging for users on Sanvello is just as impactful as the tools themselves. If you’re in need of a mental boost, then try this popular app.


The trick to mental wellness exercises is mindfulness. Funny enough, your phone might be really hindering your mental health. Depending on how you use your phone, you can experience less mindfulness, which means you need to seek out apps that can build you up rather than break you down.

MoodMission is an amazing tool to check out if you find yourself struggling to focus on positive mental health behaviors. After taking some surveys, you can explore a ton of great activities that distract you from the real world while you take care of your mental wellness. These tools can be things you learn to do without the app’s help too. From quick refresher exercises to breathing and lessons on relaxing activities, MoodMission is a trusted resource for many who wish to seek out digital tools for mental health.


Let’s say the idea of a formal, serious app doesn’t quite suit you. Not everyone works on their mental wellness in the same way. That’s why Happify turns self-care into a game you can play. The app lets you set a goal and then play games that prove to reduce stress, increase focus, and eliminate negative thinking.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness.” Well, it’s true. Your mental health doesn’t account for money or success as a reason to feel happy. Instead, it wants to be used effectively to provide your body with happy, positive feelings. Give it the tools it needs to thrive with the Happify app.


Based on Greek traditions of Stoicism, the design of Stoic is just as simple and straightforward as its purpose. The principles of stoicism help to explain why mental health is so tricky. In short, the things we can’t control want to rule our brain. Because of our lack of control, we feel helpless. Rather than accept this sorrowful existence, Stoic teaches mental wellness skills like meditation and mood tracking with these time-proven principles in mind.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want a flashy app full of frills for their mental health journey, Stoic is for you. It’s a great way to learn a bit of helpful philosophy while you work on yourself. In the end, some of the best advice you can get are things people like you practiced centuries ago.

There’s no trick or shortcut to mental wellness. While you might not have an overnight solution on your hands, these mental health apps can really help you take care of yourself in 2020. Find time to see if a few of these can help you today and get your anxiety and stress in check!