Increased level of unintended pregnancies linked to gaps in family planning services according to a new WHO study

A new study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 36 countries found that two-thirds of sexually active women who wished to delay or limit childbearing stopped using contraception for … Read More

Too many babies are born too small. one in seven of all babies worldwide are born with a low birthweight – WHO Says

© UNICEF/UN0159228/Naftalin More than 20 million babies were born with a low birthweight (less than 2500g; 5.5 pounds) in 2015—around one in seven of all births worldwide according to the … Read More

Smoking cessation during pregnancy associated with reduced risk of preterm birth study says

There is an important association between maternal cigarette smoking cessation during pregnancy and risk of preterm birth, according to a new Dartmouth-led study published in JAMA Network Open . The … Read More

Study Finds Lifestyle Changes Can Lower Breast Cancer Risk

While genetics, such as carrying BRCA gene mutations, play a role in who is more likely to get breast cancer, everyday lifestyle factors are involved, too. Research published in JAMA … Read More

Fish oil supplement in pregnancy is linked to increase in lean and bone mass by age 6 years

Fish oil supplement in the later stages of pregnancy is associated with a higher body mass index (BMI) in children in the first six years of life, which is explained … Read More

HPV and other adolescent vaccines not found to negatively impact fertility in young women

Adolescents who receive recommended vaccinations, including for human papillomavirus, have no increased risk of primary ovarian insufficiency, also known as premature menopause, according to a Kaiser Permanente study published today … Read More

Inducing labor at 39 weeks reduces likelihood of Caesarean -sections

GETTY IMAGES A new national study has found that inducing labor in first-time mothers at 39 weeks can help prevent cesarean births and high blood pressure. The University of Texas … Read More

Stress during pregnancy increases risk of mood disorders for female offspring

High maternal levels of the stress hormone cortisol during pregnancy increase anxious and depressive-like behaviors in female offspring at the age of 2, reports a new study in Biological Psychiatry … Read More

Moms Who Smoked as Teens More Likely to Deliver Smaller Babies

A woman’s risk of having a baby with a low birth weight is higher if she starts smoking in her teens, a new study suggests. That’s because women who start … Read More

Catch-up HPV vaccine effective for women aged up to 20 years, according to a US study

Image Source US study confirms effectiveness of quadrivalent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in women aged up to 20 years who receive all three doses, but more research is needed in … Read More