Sensual Bleed – Wolves In sheep skin

Like wolves in sheep clothing, they hide under the guise of being nice and concerned fellows to perpetrate serial evils. They look like shoulders one can lean on in times of need but it is all fiddlesticks and gimmicks to have a firm grip on their prey and when in their snare the prey gets entrapped, they without sympathy strangulate and rip apart so as to satiate their pleasure seeking soul which yet remain insatiable regardless.

If only the walls could speak, it would be unimaginable to fathom how many bonds between families, friends, neighbors, colleagues and what have you, that would dissipate into air on the basis of immoral acts perpetrated by unsuspecting allies.

Sexuality, a prevailing factor and a key player when it comes to moral decadence, has turned many lives that would have been viable productive entities to predators and revenge seeking individuals.

Almost recurrently, we hear stories of defilement of underaged persons, some of them brutalized and bullied into sexual indulgence, others tricked into it by means of hypnotism, offer of monetary help or other material gain.

A lot of young people in their vulnerability with associated negligence from their care givers have wandered into sexual relationships with older adults who continuously exploit them, thwarting their future. Sexual predators, pedophiles are everywhere wrecking Havocs, and yet going about freely undetected and hence unpunished.

The society today is full of victims of sexual enslavement, many of whom are underaged. Children are being molested at home, schools and religious houses by adults who are supposed to protect them. Many of these children cannot say it because there’s no one to hear them out. How can they even explain it when they are afraid of being judged, afraid the perpetrators would hurt them as some would have been threatened not to say anything.

Many parents and care-givers are busy hunting for money and social relevance that they barely have time to spend with their children so they relegate their responsibilities to others, could be maid, nannies, neighbors. This implies that some parents are so detached from their children that they can’t detect when things are going wrong.

It is undebatable that the harsh economic conditions in various regions of the world has driven many people into taking multiple jobs at the expense of quality time with family and other loved ones but what many failed to understand is that when it matters most, the family unit still remains the most important fall-back (support) unit.

When we fail to protect the younger ones under our watch, the repercussions that comes with their victimization comes back hunting and hurting us. Many young people’s lives has been truncated due to negligence of the caregivers.

For some who survive scare, they carry in their heart a feeling of anger, hatred, hurtfulness and are usually bias and these are especially triggered when the object that reminds them of the torture are brought to focus. They struggle to live with it. It becomes a secret facade that their lives revolve around.

One of such victim is Angelica Wilson whose story is as narrated in this book “SENSUAL BLEED”. A true-life story narrated by the victim and written by Dr. Osonwa Ikechukwu.


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