Awaiting the COVID result worsened the feeling for most people involved at the period under discussion

Following the resolve to get everyone that had contact with the index case tested for COVID, there was relative disquiet in the whatsapp group that was formed for those of us in self isolation. There was palpable fear and a couple of people I chatted privately did not hesitate to say it.

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Their fears bordered on so many things. To begin with, everyone who tested positive was to be immediately taken to government facilities where covid positive patients are treated and it was a common believed and still is, that there is a great level of abandonment when it comes to government handling matters.

There was no approval for private hospitals yet to manage covid patients and hence the choice of choosing where to be managed was not in the picture
In addition, many worried about the growing stigma. Just by having symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, attracts certain unwelcoming comments from people. Such comments as “ahh you better don’t infect me with COVID”, “don’t come near me with your COVID ooo” and many other unprofessional way of addressing issues.

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It is understandable that people have to worry about the new disease that overwhelmed the healthcare system as it were. With the growing rate of death recorded even in well advanced countries, people’s fear and actions was out of genuine concern.

Furthermore, some were worried about what become of them and how their family would take it especially knowing there was no designated drug for COVID at that period. So it was more of trial and errors at least to the understanding of the common man.

I particularly was not scared in any way. I took precautionary measures when I attended to the index case. I was on face mask, I kept my distance, I didn’t have to do detailed examination for him because his vital signs were within normal range, he was not in any obvious distress.

So I did a mental picture of how possibly I might contract COVID from the said patient and came up with the mindset that I could not have gotten COVID. So getting tested was not an issue to me.

Our samples were collected and sent out to the testing centers and that was when the bigger fear started for many. One hour seemed like a whole day, five hours seemed like 2 days and there was obvious agitation. First day passed, second day passed and our results were not yet available. People began to speak up, the complaints were on how tensed and frustrated everyone has become. Some even complained of not being able to eat or sleep because of pressures of uncertainty.

Awaiting the COVID result seemed like eternity though.

My COVID-19 Experience: Awaiting the COVID result

At this point, a lot of people were beginning to have psychogenic COVID symptoms. A true definition of your mind playing tricks on you.

Even though we were repeatedly reassured by the management that they are doing everything possible to ensure our results are gotten, it still did not cushion the panicking. I remember commenting on the whatsapp group and driving home my point that this awaiting result is draining people more negatively than being tagged COVID positive.

I knew our leaders were making frantic effort to ensure our samples were tested and communicated to us but I understood the intricate of the matter. Testing kits were being managed nationwide and hence there were criteria for testing. There were possibilities that there would have been an argument on whether or not we met those criteria.

Eventually, I think on the third or fourth day, it was announced on the whatsapp group that the results are available. Respite at last, one may say. Thankfully none of us were said to be positive for COVID and so everyone was to return to work the next day.

The joy that followed this announcement was great. Free at last..those that were already becoming depressed found strength again.