As we approach the festive season, a lot of thing changes and the world go into frenzy thereby predisposing many to various hazards and its associated consequences which cannot just be ignored. This is because every year, millions of people worldwide are affected in one way or the other and one of the most concern aspects is the consequent health hazard in festive season especially brought about by the activities that mark this period brings.

Although there is a general jubilant, palpable joyous feeling that hovers within this set time,  the pressures, need to pursue desires to finish, materialism, and excitation that characterizes this season or period often may become a source of worry for many people due to onset of disease or unhealthy conditions resulting from incidents of behavioral aberration (by intension or not) which may even lead to loss of lives.

Health hazards in festive season
Health hazards in festive season

The health hazard associated with festive seasons may result from;


Aside the being at risk of developing too many chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, liver diseases, digestive problems, cancer, and many more, alcohol can affect your sense of judgment and can make you do things that you would not ordinarily do, leading you to regret and shame.

It leaves you without the mental clarity to make an informed decision you can have things such as hallucinations and lack of coordination from too much alcohol.

So in this festive season, you need to avoid taking alcohol or at least reduce it intake. Don’t let anybody force or trick you into taking too much alcohol or going into binge drinking. Remember, your health is far more important than the taste of alcohol


Globally, millions of people are hospitalized yearly of food-borne diseases. Festive period often predisposes many people to food poisoning especially with all the food that would be readily available.

Poorly cooked meats, poultry, seafood, poorly refrigerated foods, untidy chopping board, poorly washed dishes and utensils, and improperly disposed leftovers, can be a source of bacterial infection that can be spread through food.

In order to circumvent food poisoning, your food must be prepared in a hygienic condition and stored properly. The utensils and every other thing used in preparing food and eating must be properly cleaned.

Cooking food optimally is essential so you don’t end up eating bacteria from poorly preserved and improperly cooked food. Most importantly leftovers should be properly disposed of. And drinking water must be from a reliable source

Not to forget heavy meals can be inimical to health especially if you are being conscientious about maintaining a healthy weight.


Road traffic accidents and other forms of accident usually peak at the festive period. The reasons for this are many.

  • there are a lot of drink driving
  • people being too much in a hurry
  • bad roads
  • too much traffic faulty vehicles on the road
  • untrained and under-age drivers
  • bad weather especially caused by smog from smoke
  • and many more

What should you do to avoid these,

  • wear your safety belt whether you are a driver or the passenger,
  • Don’t drink and drive,
  • avoid over speeding,
  • be sure to check your vehicles very well before putting them on the road,
  • follow safety rules – there are there for your safety
  • plan your journey and don’t be coarse into a trip you did not plan for
  • if you are ill or taking certain medications that affect your mood, you should not drive
  • very important if you are boarding public transport please ensure to follow a reliable transport company and usually it is expected that you board your bus, car or vehicle from their Park.


The festive season is associated with increased incidents of house fire which often results from cooking gas, kerosene, fuel, and faulty electrical appliances or gadgets. This not unrelated to the increasing use. Faulty electrical connections not only cause house fire but also causes electrocution and consequent death from it. Therefore, caution must be taken to ensure the right connectivity and professionals should be called in to handle electrical connections. Fire safety rules such as the availability of fire extinguishers in our homes and other measures must be adhered to.


As expected, because of the numerous activities lined up, most people will sacrifice their sleeping time for what may not even be reasonable enough to warrant such attention. The backlash is that when you have sacrificed your sleep for something meaningless it begins to affect your health if not now, sometimes in the future.

So whatever you do and wherever you are, always find time to have a valid and quality sleep. It is not only rejuvenating, it keeps you healthy.


People will be involved in several activities that they may not even be able to recognize that they are stressing themselves beyond reasonable limits. Studies have shown that stress is a major contributor to the development of many disease conditions such as depression, high blood pressure, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disturbances, etc.

A balance between work, leisure time, and rest is very important. It is worthy of note, to be in the know that leisure time is different from rest. Many people misconstrue leisure time to be resting time. You can spend your leisure time partying and that is not resting.


Remember we are still experiencing the covid-19 pandemic. There will be a lot of traveling both from outside the country and within and consequently, you might be seeing and meeting with people you have not seen for a long time there will be that natural instinct to want to hug, kiss, shake hands, and do many other things together. While this may seem right, it might be a risk factor for contracting a covid-19 infection.

Maintaining standard precautions in preventing covid-19 must be observed strictly – Proper washing of hands with soap, or use of hand sanitizer, maintaining an adequate physical distance, and the wearing of nose mask in the public is also encouraged.

As much as many will be tempted into hugging, kissing, and shaking hands with people, remember just waving hands, smiling together without touching is as valid as shaking hands.


In this period, there will be a lot of cooking, roasting, in fact, a lot of things involving fire. Just split seconds of carelessness can cause burns. This could be from the fire, hot water, hot food, etc. Being careful with hot pot, hot plates, hot metals and everything regarding cooking is important to avoid burns. And when you do have any, place the part affected immediately under cold running water for at least 10 minutes and consequently seek medical attention.


A lot of young people will be pushed into doing drugs and substance abuse either from peer pressure by means of experimentation or by the pursuit of money fame and the euphoria that comes with it. This is especially concerning drugs of addictions such as cocaine, marijuana, and a lot more orders. These things are hazardous to your health. So before you venture into it think of your life, those who love you, and the possible dreams you hope to achieve for yourself in the future that might be truncated as a result of drug addiction and substance abuse.


In a period like this, it is not unexpected that a lot of people will become more promiscuous. People want to be indulgent in pleasures, they want to achieve feats by cutting corners, there will be increased and prostitution occasioned by peer pressure, materialism, the tendency to want to indulge in the Spirit of celebration thereby losing guard. The consequences are unwanted pregnancies, possible unsafe abortion, and complications of teenage pregnancies in the case involving teenagers.


Consequent to a high level of promiscuity that characterizes a period like this, sexually transmitted infections thrives especially regarding the fact that negligence of protective measures against STIs. This could range from bacterial infections to viral infection such as syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis, hepatitis B, herpes simplex virus (HSV or herpes), HIV, and human papillomavirus (HPV) etc


A lot of people who are taking medications for one medical condition or the other, might in the Spirit of celebration skip their medications. Others might ignore warning symptoms of illness because they don’t want to interrupt their presumed enjoyable festive activities. The consequence of this, is worsening conditions that may ultimately lead to death or near-death except medical interventions are timely.


In general a lot of these things that have been mentioned and a lot more regarding our lifestyle ultimately come down to affecting our health and these affectations might be acute or chronic  -acute happening within a short time with symptoms that are obvious, chronic happening over a longer time with symptoms that might be obvious or not but which ultimately affects our well-being.

As we approach the Christmas season and then the new year(2021), it is not out of place to see people going through intense pressure to meet up with one deadline or the other as it is a common occurrence that has over the years been part of its observation. However, taking into account the reason for the season which is Christ birth and the ushering in of a new year, one must make a concerted effort in initiating self-restraint and carefulness so as not to become a victim of ill health because the consequences may linger more than the period of the event.



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