Dotting every ” i ” and crossing every ” t “

Diligence is tasking and only those who posses the daring propensity to be absolute in their decision to succeed makes it a priority to be diligent in their dealings.

Notwithstanding, being diligent does not necessarily mean that all mistakes are avoided, it rather mean that even when a mistake is made, one readily realizes it and make amend, taking precaution to avoid or prevent reoccurrence of same mistake.

He who falls into the same pit two or more times cannot be said to be diligent. Mistakes might not be easily avoided at times but one who does not learn from his or hers might be forced to relive it.

Being diligent is all about doing whatever is right, whatever is appropriate and whatever is required in pursuance of a certain set goal. It also by extension means putting extra effort (what is often referred to as going the extra mile) in whatever one is doing or involved in.

It requires focus and commitment and does not accommodate procrastination in whatever form. It principle solely rest on the habit of “do now what you ought to do now” and in doing, it does not welcome half hazard actions rather it pivotal is on the fulcrum of planning (proper planning) and adherence to plan allowing flexibility only when a suitable alternative to achieving a better result present itself for exploration.

Being diligent also mean one is duggerd and unyielding to mediocrity and every other thing that may drag one back and down.

It’s about doing whatever is possible and doable in the right perspective and order without contravening the law.

The precepts of diligence is result oriented, and its proponents has often follow a step ladder ascent to the totem pole of great achievers.

It does not approve of cutting corners (treacherous indulgence to achieve something especially illegally) rather it follows laid down principles and can expand its horizon by innovation and creativeness in ways that promote the general good and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

It is based on these characteristics of diligence that literally confers on it as “dotting every i and crossing every t” and it is an important quality that one should possess if success is to be attained.

As I look at the word DILIGENCE, I see more indept meaning conveyed by each of the letters that makes it up. They are;

D — Dedication
I — Innovation
L — Lateral Thinking
I — Insight
G — Gainful use of time
E — Efficiency
N — Never quitting
C — Courage
E — Exemplary

These words that represents the letters that constitute DILIGENCE are the qualities that gives it credence and their effect are realistic. They act in synergy to bring about success.