An extract from Chapter Four of “BUILDING FORMIDABLE YOUTHS” by Dr Osonwa Ikechukwu (MBBS)

“Young girls are continuously tempting and the boys are constantly tasting and both are intertwined in an amoral habitual sexual escapades”.

The number of live in lovers is mind blowing especially in our public institutions. A girl would be cohabiting with a boy she is not married to with constant unprotected sex every other time and when she conceives, she readily aborts the pregnancy.

As a student, you live with another student of opposite sex in the name of “boyfriend and, girlfriend” all through the 4, 5 or 6 years of your study and your parents are not even aware that their cherished daughter or adored son has a live- in lover in school for years.
Does it not call to question how much morality remains for the youths and young adults ?

That a girl would have multiple sexual partners with whom she engages in sexual intercourse with, would want to justify her actions by telling you it is not good to put all your eggs in one basket is such a sad thing to hear.

Sex with John, sex with Emeka, sex with Joshua, sex with Richard, sex with Anthony, sex with Olamide, sex with Yakubu, Okon, Francis, Smith, sex, sex and more sex. Still one girl and tomorrow she wants to marry a faithful and loving husband. Really laughable.

Nature follows a rebound course, what you throw at it, it returns back at you. No shame, no remorse, no guilt and no apology to anyone, just enjoying being deviant; too bad for the society.

That a boy would have many girlfriends with whom he indulges in sexual gratification with and would defend himself when asked, that it is not proper for him to always eat same type of food everyday is burdensome.

Today he is with Jessica in the morning, in the evening he expects Roseline to come and the next day he goes to Angelina, meanwhile he has plans with Francisca and Joy in the coming weekend.

As if that is not enough, the sugar mummy/ sugar daddy adventures have further compounded the situation.

Young girls hooking up with old men in sexual escapades to the detriment of their academics and even health (both reproductive health and otherwise) and young boys hooking up with older women for sexual pleasure without considering its rightness or wrongness.

Crime rate among youths have increased, the basic factor that contributes to this rise cannot be unconnected to the moral decadence in the society. Youths are involved in rape, murder, burglary, theft, armed robbery, fraud, impersonation, drug peddling, lack of respect for parents and other adults, not wanting to be corrected, revolting against authorities without concrete reason to do so, gross callousness about what should and what shouldn’t be done, indiscipline, unyielding to laws and norms and desecration of respected culture and tradition, no adherence to ethical and religious ways of life and recalcitrant behaviours.