Everything we do, whether active or passive are consequential and contributory to our future status. Irrespective of the dimension or course it takes, the after effect of every bit of our deeds are accountable for what becomes of us.

The results might not be very clear as at the time of execution but the infinitesimal consequences add up to create a bigger picture later.

For instance, shadow do not obstruct motion but it can blur vision and when one’s vision is blurred, motion invariably becomes misguided. In other words, shadow can indirectly impair motion by firstly impairing vision.

Absolute or relative, all actions count

The implication of this is that sometimes what we do suffer are not actually a direct consequence of what we presume it to be but a collection of passive and seemingly inconsequential deeds that has over time accumulated to now manifest in a bigger way.

For example, one who often procrastinate doing what is needful might not see the result in the immediate but will over time realize that he has actually failed.
Again, one who often flirt with other people while being married to another, might not really be aware of the full consequence of what he or she is doing until his or her marriage is ruined.

Those things we call little lies, little theft, little flirtatious relationships, little unwholesome indulgence, little this, little that, will over time become a cause for worry especially when it might have started impacting negatively on our lives.

Failure is very subtle, it comes with the pleasure of playing when one should be working. A little more relaxation when you should be getting back to work, a bit of misplaced priorities and less commitment to a purpose/goal/objective will eventually nail one to the wall of failure and regret.

Yes, absolute or relative, all our actions are consequential. It might be now (immediate) or later (delayed). It is pertinent therefore to be up and doing in every endeavors.
To be modest and faithful to our true purpose and to all around us is vital to living a fulfilled life


Written by Dr Osonwa Ikechukwu