A – Z of discovering your talents and potentials

The A – Z of discovering your talents and potentials can redirect your mind to greater opportunities regardless of your past failures.

Perhaps you are lost at sea of whether or not to pursue a certain dream of yours this coming year and may be the pondering borders on the failures you recorded on your previous attempt.

It could be that you have no definite goal, no defined objective and no zeal to pursue any target and deep within, you are acutely traumatized by your perplexed state of recurrent negative results, negative impact, and depression.

Consequent to the above, you have accepted or have succeeded in convincing yourself that you are a “no good for anything” kind of person. So you have given up on trying to make out something good from your life.
Here’s a way you can rediscover yourself and lunch into greatness.

A - Z ways of discovering talents

Firstly, You must understand that everyone possess a measure of talent and potential to be a distinguished personality in whatever aspect of life we chose to dedicate our mind to.

Secondly, you should know that no matter how beautiful one’s ideas looks or seem, you can’t make anything from it unless you act upon it…for the mind moves the body and the body follows the mind.

Thirdly, you need to sit down and figure out what you are good at using this A — Z pattern as enunciated below. It is the A-Z ways of discovering your talent and potentials.

A — Attraction for what you do
B — Bountiful ability
C — Consistency
D — Dominant desire and drive
E — Ease of accomplishment
F — Fulfilment after performance
G — General public acknowledgement
H — Honest drive
I — Imaginative idea
J — Joyful observance
K — Know-how instinct
L — Love for performance
M — Maximum satisfaction
N — Natural instinct
O — Observable peculiarity

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P — Personal giftedness
Q — Quality assurance
R — Realistic approach
S — Sensitive to opportunities
T — Tenable ideology
U — Understandable concept and Uncommon willingness
V —Visionary intuition
W —Willingness and whole-heartedness
X — eXperimentation (practical)
Y — Yielding to one’s course
Z — Zeal to perform task

When you are able to search through yourself in line with the above, you certainly will realize how wonderful you can be by taking appropriate actions towards building the kind of person you want to be and utilizing your talents and potentials