8 important ways to maintain a healthy kidney

Right(8) important ways to maintaining a healthy kidney

1. Regular exercise – this can help prevent chronic diseases that could predispose to kidney damage. Examples are diabetes mellitus, hypertension and also reduces the level of cholesterol in the body

2. Drink plenty of fluids – staying well hydrated by drinking enough fluid will help the kidney function properly. Urine should be straw-colored. A darker urine could mean dehydration

3. Control your blood sugar – Poor blood sugar control for those who are already diabetic can affect the kidney function and can lead to diabetic nephropathy and consequent kidney failure if not taken care of

Steps to keep kidney healthy

4. Monitor blood pressure – Having a regular blood pressure check is recommended. Keeping your blood pressure in check especially if you are hypertensive is important. When not controlled, hypertension can affect the kidney negatively

5. Monitor weight and eat a healthy diet – Health diet is a pre-requisite for maintaining one’s weight within a healthy range. Overweight and obesity causes an increased work load for the kidney and hence increases the risk of its disease

6. Avoid smoking – Smoking damages blood vessels, thereby reducing blood flow to the kidney which is a risk factor for its damage. Smoke has also been implicated as a predisposing factor for kidney cancer

7. Reduce or cut alcohol consumption – alcohol have been implicated in many chronic disease conditions including liver diseases, hypertension, cancers, and kidney damage especially binge drinking

8. Screening – Have your kidney function tested especially if you’re at high risk of kidney disease

These steps are important to maintain kidney health